Lentz'en Chalet - Sunday Afternoon

Price from
1 000,00€

Lentz'en Chalet
Sunday Afternoon

Put on your sunglasses and enjoy the sun on the terrace or – if the weather doesn’t play along – enjoy the rustic vibe in the cosy cabin inside.

Price from
1 000,00€
  • 100 seats
  • Terrace on summer days
  • Huge car park close by
  • Quiet area


Maximum 100 guests.


  • Rustic wooden tables and benches
  • Counter with beer dispenser
  • 3 refrigerators
  • Beamer + screen (on request/no additional fees)

Not included

  • Cleaning fees
  • Catering (food & drinks)



The Lentz’en Chalet offers you a unique experience that can be found nowhere else in Luxembourg! Authentic and cosy, this wooden chalet is the perfect location for your private party or business event.


Inside and outside, naturalness and charm are in perfect harmony and offer an ambiance that can only be found in the mountains. Your guests or employees will be thrilled! The chalet also has its own sanitary facilities in the form of a mobile outside toilet.

Enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon in a sociable atmosphere.


In the attachment (PDF) you will find the complete list of our partners for catering, which you can contact immediately for a price estimate.



Lentz'en Chalet
4 Rue Laangwiss


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