City Train in the Old Town Luxembourg

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City Train in the Old Town Luxembourg

 Discover the historic center of the charming city of Luxembourg.

The little city will take you along the narrow streets to the heart of the old town. Enjoy breathtaking views of the old town during the tour.

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  • Discover the old town of Luxembourg
  • Passage in the Rives de Clausen
  • Following Vauban's footsteps
  • A real highlight for kids and grown ups


Maximum 45 people per train.


  • The ticket (print or digital ticket)


  • +/- 40 minutes ride
  • Free headphones
  • Audio guide

Not included

  • There is no wheelchair access on the city train.



Are you passionate about history and culture, about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg? A small country but with a great history...

Discover the history of the former “Gibraltar of the North” which revives while driving through the historical sites of the Old Fortress in our City Train.


Travel with us to the past to better understand the present. This tour of the capital follows an itinerary where each stopover in front of a symbolic site of the former "Gibraltar of the North" opens an exciting chapter.


1. Departure: Montée de Clausen (near the entrance of Bock Casemates)

2. Rives de Clausen: The so-called Rives de Clausen form a district of bars and restaurants, established on the site of the former Luxembourg beer brewery “Mousel”. Situated along the Alzette, the Rives de Clausen appeal to a wide variety of tastes and attract a very cosmopolitan public, which is typical for Luxembourg. The Rives de Clausen are also part of a larger plan to enhance the suburbs of the former fortress.


 3. Rham Plateau: The Rham Plateau proudly overlooks three sides of the Alzette valley and offers a stunning view of the old city of Luxembourg. It has been an integral part of Luxembourg’s fortifications since the 15th century and was later expanded by Vauban with four imposing military barracks, currently used as modern and comfortable housing for seniors. You can make a stop for a few minutes while waiting for the next train.


  • Departures at Montée de Clausen (near the Bock Casemates)
  • There is no wheelchair access on the Pétrusse Express. Please contact us and we will find the best solution for you on site.
  • Contact us: +352 266 51-2250 or on



Montée de Clausen, Luxembourg
Bock Casemates
Mnt de Clausen
1343 Luxembourg

Ratings List

Eric Sjoberg
A great way to explore the city and learn a bit about the history. A great family idea. We booked online and it was quick and easy.

Moyocci / Team : Dear M. Sjoberg, thanks a lot for your kind feedback. We are happy to see that all went well for you and your family, such as the tour and the online booking. We hope to see you again very soon. Best regards,
In our opinion the ride was a bit too expensive für what we’ve got. It should be a 45 minutes long ride, but our tour only took 35 minutes… and this for 14,50€ per person is quite too much. We enjoyed the ride while listening to the nice audio guide. We would not recommend the tour.

Moyocci / Team : Dear Kim, thank you for taking the time to give us your review. We apologize if the tour has not taken 45 minutes, because that is the time it is supposed to drive- not less, not more. As for the pricing, it is actually the price we need to take into account given the fact that is a heavy weight vehicle, with a driver in the capital city. Anywhere in Europe, you will find these kind of prices. However, we thank you for your feedback!
Giovanna Aguilar
It was very beautiful, I really enjoyed the ride and the music. It was fun to listen and gorgeous to watch. ????

Moyocci / Team : Dear Giovanna, thank you so much for your kind review. It is with great happiness that we read how much you liked this tour. We thank you for your feedback and hope to see you again soon!
I could not attend this event. My kid was sick so i asked via mail to be canceled my reservation 1 day before but i never get a reply. So i could not have this experience.

Moyocci / Team : Dear Ezgi, we are very sorry to hear that you could not attend the tour. We reply to all our demands of cancellation or refund as soon as possible. If you intend to re-take this tour, please send us an email mentioning the reason of your previous cancellation to and we will re-schedule it for you. We look forward to hear from you soon. Best regards,
The positives: it's a cute little bus train with a nice and interesting itinerary and an informative audio guide. I enjoyed the experience. BUT... I had to use my computer to make the booking because the payment page would not load on my smartphone. The bus departed at 13:16 instead of 13:00. I understand small delays can happen, but 16 minutes for a 40 minute journey seems excessive. There is too little leg room. I am 172 cm and kept on hitting my knees. My brother is 194 cm and could not sit straight. The metal floor gets slippery when wet, and since there is nothing to hold on to you slide and hurt your knees when the bus stops abruptly, which it did frequently. On a slopes the driver stopped the engine and excited the cabin to check on something (he walked around the vehicle). This was a big safety risk since there was no-one in the driver’s cabin and the vehicle was positioned on a slope. I felt unsafe at that moment.

Learn more about the history of Luxembourg, from the Middle Ages to the modern age, aboard our convertible bus. We will show you the fascinating nature of the Mullerthal, "Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland", and take you to the oldest city of Luxembourg.

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With this guided tour, we invite you to discover the main points of interest of the capital by e-bike.

The tour includes some very steep inclines, which is why it is important to be accompanied by an experienced guide.

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