Hop On Hop Off - Private Hire

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1 250,00€

Hop On Hop Off
Private Hire

Discover Luxembourg City from the top of our open-top double-decker buses. We invite you to experience the most beautiful landmarks of our city.

Choose our traditional city tour or create your own itinerary for you and your guests!

Price from
1 250,00€
  • Private Tour with the double-decker bus
  • Create your own itinerary
  • Special experience in Luxembourg!


Maximum 78 people per bus.


  • Duration : 2 hours (excl. additional hours)
  • Wheelchair access
  • Free Wifi
  • Free headphones
  • Free poncho in case of rain
  • Audio guide in 7 languages (Luxembourgish, French, German, English, Dutch, Spanish, Russian)
  • Choose between our classic city tour or create your own itinerary

Not included

Privatizations between 01.04. - 01.11.2020

  • 927,00 € (VAT 3% included) for 2 hours from Monday to Thursday (only 1 privatization per day possible)
  • 1 additional hour (from Monday to Thursday): 185,40 € (VAT 3% included)

Privatization on weekends possible (from Friday to Sunday + public holidays)

  • Fridays only possible after 6 pm
  • Saturdays and Sundays only possible after 8 pm

Privatisation between 02.11.2020 - 31.03.2021

  • 669,50 € (VAT 3% included) for 2 hours from Monday to Saturday
  • 1 additional hour (from Monday to Saturday): 123,60 € (VAT 3% included)

Privatization possible on Sunday + public holidays

  • Price for 2 hours: 824 € (VAT 3% included)
  • 1 additional hour on Sunday: 154,50 € (VAT 3% included)
  • Any other reservations or privatizations are classified as a normal group.


Tour Description (according to our classic itinerary)


  • New stop: Boulevard de la Pétrusse

The Boulevard de la Pétrusse is on the level of Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat (BCEE). You can reach this bus stop from the Gare centrale train station by foot (14 minutes), or by tram and get off at the Place de Metz on the Avenue de la Liberté, at 160 m distance.

  • Constitutionsquare
The visit’s starting point, where you can admire the Petrus Valley with its famous casemates and the “Notre-Dame” Cathedral with its crypt, is in front of the National Monument “Gëlle Fra” on the Constitutional Square. Not far away you will find the Casino Luxembourg which today, is a museum of contemporary art. Explore the “Place Guillaume II” and the City Hall, the pedestrian zone with its many shopping opportunities and the “Place d’Armes”, as well as the old town with its museums, church-es, Vauban fortifications and the Grand Duke’s Palace.
  • Amalia

The statue of Princess Amélie stands in the city park, near Boulevard Royal. Amélie was the wife of Prince Henry of the Netherlands, governor of the Grand Duchy from 1849 to 1879. 


  • Fondation Pescatore Quai 1

Enjoy the magnificent view from the panorama elevator or from the viewing platform to the Pfaffenthal suburb and the Kirchberg Plateau. Walk past the Glacis field, where Luxembourg's largest and most famous annual fun fare, the "Schueberfouer", takes place at the end of August! Nearby is the "Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg".


  • Philharmonie/Mudam

Take a look at the Mudam, the Grand-Duc Jean Museum of Modern Art, and explore the "Dräi Eechelen" fortress museum, where you can discover Luxembourg's historical heritage! In contrast, the avant-garde architecture of the nearby Philharmonie is a highlight.


  • Luxexpo Parvis Sud

Here you are in one of the new quarters of the City of Luxembourg, where shops, banks, large law firms and companies have set up their branches, and where you will also find the largest cinema complex in the country, with its bars and restaurants. The stop is located in front of the international exhibition centre called LUXEXPO - THE BOX.


  • Funicular, Kirchberg

Discover the funicular, key element of the intermodal exchange hub, which links the Pfaffenthal district to Plateau de Kirchberg. Located near the red bridge, the funicular connects passengers from the train to climb 40 metres in 63 seconds. Completely free of charge, the funicular offers stunning views of the valley and the bridge Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.



  • Stäereplaz/Etoile Quai 4

Villa Vauban, the art museum of the City of Luxembourg, is not far from the “Stäereplaz”. It is located in an enchanting city garden! The exceptional site of the Villa Vauban allows visitors to discover historical collections in a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the heart of the city.


  • Minimum duration: 2 hours
  • Please note that your routing may change due to the numerous construction sites in the city
  • Attention: Due to maintenance works on the Avenue Monterey, the departure has been changed to Boulevard de la Pétrusse. The bus stop is on the level of the bank- (BCEE) Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat. To reach this point, you can take the tram and get off at the 'Place de Metz' (Avenue de la Liberté), then walk 160 m until the City Line bus stop.



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The Lentz’en Chalet offers you a unique experience that can be found nowhere else in Luxembourg!

Relax and finish a long working day with an after work together with your colleagues.

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You want to offer your employees or partners an inspiring working atmosphere and are looking for a location that is both elegant and refreshingly new? The Lentz’en Chalet is equipped with Wi-Fi and a beamer with a screen (144×230).

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The Lentz’en Chalet offers you a unique experience that can be found nowhere else in Luxembourg!Authentic and cosy, this wooden chalet is the perfect location for your private party or business event.

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