Mountain Bike Tour "Red Rocks" light

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Mountain Bike Tour "Red Rocks" light

Immerse yourself in a unique setting!

Discover the most beautiful spots of the Red Rock lands. An experienced guide will show you the breathtaking panoramic views that the old iron mines have to offer. Ride a Mountain Bike (MTB) or an e-bike to get to the heart of the history behind Luxembourg's wealth.

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  • be part of a unique experience
  • packed with adrenaline
  • unforgettable panorama views


from 1 person


  • Water bottle or flask
  • Small snack
  • Gloves
  • Spiked shoes (or hiking shoes)
  • Backpack


Guided tour (duration: +/- 3 hours) in the old mines under the open sky

Not included

  • Bike rental (MTB or e-bike)
  • Helmet
  • Beverages and meals




Welcome to the region of the Red Rocks - the mining cradle of southern Luxembourg.


Situated in the center of the Gaalgebierg, the Hotel The Seven offers an exceptional location for the start of our tour. It provides a large parking lot to park your vehicles and of course, a good drink on the terrace at the end of the activity.


The departure will already be remembered for the visit of the animal park which is located on the heights of the hotel. There you will find a large number of wild animals that you can admire, photograph and even feed. From the park we will take a first path, which will take us down to the square of the "Prince Henri" mine. We will be at 2 steps from the "Ellergronn", the forest reserve which runs along the French border. After having seen the old entrance of the Prince Henri mine, we will join the mine "Cockerill" which has now become a museum. 


A few kilometers later, we will find ourselves on a place called the "Kayler Poteau" which will be a crucial point for our tour, because from there we will enter the area of the open pit mines. It will be enough to follow 100m of national road to branch off into the first stony path that will lead us directly to one of the most stunning views of the tour. The view over the canyons, where the mandatory photo will not slip our mind.


Only 6 km are left to return to the hotel. Some of you are still asking for more, others are already dreaming of a beer on the terrace. We will have already spent a good 3 hours together on the bikes at this stage of the tour. Once at the hotel, a debriefing will be done and we will be able to exchange our experience while enjoying a cool drink.


  • For more information about the organizer of this tour, visit
  • Children are allowed on this tour, but we kindly ask you to contact the organizer before making a booking
  • Phone number Biketours: +352 621 302 930
  • Price breakdown for a group of 4 people (example):

1 x 49 € for the first participant


3 x 19 € for additional participants

= a total of € 106



Hotel The Seven
50 Gaalgebierg
Esch an der Alzette

Ratings List

Hervé Delhalle
Best of Red rocks is a very good tour to discover Red rocks and envoy technical paths :)
René Kirch
I liked a lot the red rocks themselves as well as the history behind. Greg (the nice guide) shared a lot of information on the history and the region. He knows every single trail and tailors according to the wishes and ability! Booking went easy. I strongly recommend the best of to every experienced eMTB nerd! Others should stay with the easier tour. I will come again!