Casemates: Visit a "secret" underground (min. 8 people)

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Casemates: Visit a "secret" underground (min. 8 people)

Discover a secret underground in the capital of Luxembourg.

Very similar to the world famous casemates, it is an opportunity for you to visit these misterious and hidden centuries-old tunnels and galleries right in the city center, which served as emergency shelters during the years of occupation.

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  • An unforgettable guided tour through this fortification
  • Secret underground in the capital
  • Perfect for history and WWII enthusiasts


Minimum 8 participants


  • Pocket lamps
  • Comfortable and stable footwear (adapted for walking and stairs)
  • Bring a jacket (humid temperatures underground)


  • Accident insurance (underground tour)



Explore this guided tour (min. 5 participants) along the secret underground tunnel in Luxembourg City, in partnership with the agency Gaul's Legacy Tours and the FFGL (Friends of Luxembourg Fortress History) asbl.

The Luxembourg underground tour is starting at the national bank BCEE Spuerkess (2, Place de Metz), with stopping points at the Fort Bourbon (Casemates), Bourbon Schléis (Péitrussdall), the Aqua-Tunnel (65 meter underground), Fort Berlaimont (Casemates), the 2 existing wells of the city (Rue des Bains & Place d'Armes) and is ending at the Place d'Armes.


During this visit, you will experience the atmosphere of the century-old hidden underground tunnel that served in World War II as emergency air-raid shelters, as bomb and shell-proof spaces during the time of Nazi occupation for General Omar Bradley's XIIth Army Group Headquarters and for Lt. Gen. George S. Patton deep under his 3rd army's Luxembourg Headquarters. These centuries-old underground fortifications became underground shelters of key US installations during the "Bulge" and beyond.


Join us on an "adventurous 3-hour tour" and Immerse yourself in the history of the Luxembourg Secret Underground.


  • Not recommended for people with mobility issues and suffering from claustrophobia
  • Min. 8 participants for the tour (under 8 participants, the tour is cancelled)
  • Bring a pocket lamp if you have one
  • Comfortable and stable footwear (adapted for walking and stairs)
  • Bring a jacket (humid temperatures underground)
  • Language of the tour in English (= > tour in French ou German available on request only)
  • Insurance in case of accidents



At tram station in front of the Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat
2 Place de Metz