Time travel to 1867

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Time travel to 1867

Experience a part of the traditional Pétrusse Express and embark on a unique virtual journey through time! VIRTUAL REALITY on the Pétrusse Express.

Perfectly matched to the ride of the Pétrusse Express, you'll coach through the breathtaking, virtual Pfaffenthal in 1867...unforgettable.

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  • World Premiere
  • Timetravel with VR on the Pétrusse Express
  • Discover the old Pfaffenthal in the year of 1867
  • Unforgettable and atypical experience


maximum 15 people per wagon


  • Present the purchased ticket (in digital or printed format)


  • Travel time +/- 45 minutes + 15 minutes in VR
  • Headphones included (to be connected to the audio visual headset)
  • Virtual reality (VR) audio visual headset
  • Audio guide in 4 languages: Luxembourgish, French, German and English



Are you a lover of history and technology ?

Would you like to discover the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg? A small country with a great history...

Discover the Virtual Reality experience, the brand new product integrated into our traditional Pétrusse Express attraction! During the ride, for just 15 minutes, take an unforgettable trip back in time and discover how a part of the city looked like and lived back in the 19th century.


Virtual Reality (VR) with the Petrusse Express - A journey into the past

The collaboration with the City of Luxembourg and Urban Timetravel, this innovation, supported by VR technology based on geolocation, allows you to see the past of exactly where you are, using virtual reality glasses.

On board the Pétrusse Express train, you will travel from the famous Casemates du Bock, Plateau du Rahm and Grund via "Muerbelsmillen", a former mustard factory in the Pfaffenthal. From this point, you will have to put on the VR glasses to be taken on a 360-degree journey to various sights and tourist buildings. You will discover the narrow streets of the Pfaffenthal and see famous Luxembourgers as well as the inhabitants in their historical dress.

Experience this journey rich in images and sounds... and let yourself be surprised!


  • Pétrusse Express: Departure from Montée de Clausen (next the entrance to Bock Casemates)
  • Please note: the Pétrusse Express is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. Please contact us to find a suitable solution.



Montée de Clausen (in front of Casemates du Bock)
2 Mnt de Clausen
1343 Luxembourg

Ratings List

yurika sato
The virtual reality is just 10 minutes along the ride and most of the scenes look similar and nothing spectacular. I got sick wearing the virtual reality mask as the roads were bumpy, so I had to stop using it. We booked for our 9 year old son (paid €19 online), but when we arrived, we were told that he is too young for the virtual reality. In fact, we went for our son, so it was very disappointing... I have requested the reimbursement online, but not yet received any response. Online booking should be fixed so that we cannot reserve the tickets for children who are not allowed for the virtual reality.

Katia P. - Product Manager: : Dear Yurika, Thank you for your review. We appreciate your feedback and regret to read that the VR product was not up to your expectations. Indeed, it can be a little bumpy as it is a virtual reality tour on wheels, the streets are quite ancient. However, the ride is exactly 15 minutes, never less. We are completely agreeing with you the misunderstanding concerning the rate; this is why it has been changed now and improved. We hope to see you soon again. The Moyocci & Sightseeing team.
Elpiniki Tsene
The time travel was a nice addition to the Petrusse ride but I think the price was a bit steep. Otherwise the the booking, the explanatory video and the process were easy and user friendly. The driver was eager to give additional explanations.

Katia Pinhal, Product Manager: : Dear M. Tsene, many thanks for taking the time to write us a review. Concerning the price, it corresponds to the type of product such as the "virtual reality" tour ; we have to consider the time and resources invested in order to create the product. Trust us, we are one of the cheapest when it comes to virtual reality :-) Indeed, we have worked in order to prepare customer-friendly explanations and a video. Thank you for the nice feedback towards our driver. Come visit us again soon. Best regards,
Susan Finch
Recommended if your legs need a rest from the ups and downs of exploring beautiful Luxembourg. I would urge you to do the virtual reality add on to the normal tour. Contrary to the website, where you cannot select English as an option, both the tour and VR parts are in English.

Katia P. - Product Manager : Dear Susan, thank you so much for your review about the "Time Travel" activity. It was with great joy that we have created this product because we wanted to provide an atypical but still interesting activity to the customers. Both the Petrusse Express and Time travel are in 3 languages - the time travel is even available in Luxembourgish. Unfortunately, since it is a taped audio guide activity, it can be that sometimes people encounter technical "bugs". See you soon hopefully. Best regards,

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